Q. Are your cabinets’ custom?
A. The quick and simple answer is yes. Most people perceive “custom” as meaning the cabinet are being built in a local cabinet shop by a cabinetmaker and finished on site. All of the products offered at Kitchen Design Gallery are built and finished by a manufacture. These manufactures have the latest and state-of-the-art equipment allowing for very little restrictions of what is possible.
Advantages :

  1. Less warping, shrinking & cracking
  2. Vast selection of cabinet style from old world to contemporary
  3. Finishes that hold up to typical family life
  4. On time delivery
  5. Warranty in writing, backed by an established company

Q. What type of warranty is available on your cabinetry?
A.  All cabinetry comes with up to a lifetime warranty.     

Q. Why shouldn’t you choose the lowest bid?
A. The lowest bid is not always a bad thing.  You should however be suspicious of large differences in bids.  From our experience the lowest bid is usually someone under biding the project to get a signed contract and usually customers find out everything is an extra and the lowest bid ends up being the highest after the project is completed.   

Q. Do you charge for consultation appointments?
A. No, we do not charge for a consultation; nor do we charge for a cost estimate.  The consultation can be done in our showroom or at you residents at no charge. 

Q. How much experience do you have?
A. Owner Dale has spent his entire 36-year carrier in the construction planning, building and project managing.  All began at age 15 working for his grandfathers construction company, then a degree in the architectural field.  After finishing school Dale started his professional carrier at a custom homebuilder designing custom homes and elaborate kitchen projects.  The last 16 years Dale has owned and operated Kitchen Design Gallery, a custom kitchen and bath planning and remodel business.

Q. What type of projects do you do?
A. We do projects in every size, shape and style.  Whether you are looking to simply update your cabinets and countertops or completely redesign the area where your existing kitchen is located, we can help you complete your goal.  We also do projects in every price point.  We can compete in price with the “big box stores” and the sky is the limit to where you are able to take the project. 

Q. If we decide to move walls or do a small addition, is that something you can do?
A. Yes, we can help you with all aspects of any remodeling project, from the smallest bathroom to adding an addition for a completely new look.

Q. Do you carry “green” products?
A. Absolutely, all of our cabinet manufactures have been certified “green”.  To see more information view the manufactures websites. 

Q. How does your price compare to competitors in the area?
A. Although we have never shopped our competitors, numerous clients have told us that our pricing is as good or better than our competitors in our area.   

Q. How accurate are your initial cost estimates?
A. As accurate as the information we are given to work with.  Furnish us with complete drawing and specifications and we will know what it costs.  If you don’t have drawings and specifications, we are here to help.

Q. Can I save money by acting as my own contractor?
A. Yes, you can save money if you have the time to coordinate your own project.  We would be more than happy to assist you in anyway we can from managing the complete project to as little as supplying the cabinetry.

Q. Will the project come in on time and on budget?
A.  Absolutely, this is something we pride ourselves on.  If the project proceeds without any unforeseen surprises and situations out of our control, we will be on time and in budget.

Q. How do you handle unforeseen surprises during the project? (Regarding cost’s and time)
A. If something comes up during the project that we did not expect or is simply a change the homeowner would like to make.  Between us and the professional on site, we will provide you with options to solve the issue or change and let you decide which solution will work best.  Most change orders are done at a minimal cost and minimum time added to the project.

Q. How long does your typical project take from the time you start construction to completion?
A. Based on our typical projects, new cabinets, countertops, tile backsplash, flooring, necessary plumbing and electrical updates.  We find these projects take about 4-6 weeks.  If we are only changing cabinets and countertops you will see a timeline as short as one week.  Timelines will change with the amount of work being done.

Q. Do you charge a design fee?
A. No, we typically do not charge for design work.  We do ask for a deposit toward the project to start the design process. 

Q. Will you do just design work?
A. No, this is something we are asked to do quite often and feel very strongly that whoever you choose to supply the cabinetry for your project should do the design work.  Every cabinet line, whether from a locale shop or a manufacture, have different limitations.  The designer must have knowledge and understand those limitations to be able to complete working design.

Q. Why should we choose Kitchen Design Gallery?
A. Experience, Integrity and Value.